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Does the thought of marketing, branding, creating and implementing video marketing, media management and social media seem overwhelming? Understanding the dynamics of a system that can change on a daily basis can be quite an intricate process and enormously challenging to keep up with. The team at Big Sprout Media has over a decade of proven success in all of the above. We are your one stop shop.


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Thank you for visiting our site! You are at the right place! Our company is your one stop solution for all needs. There is no doubt that we are the leaders and you don’t have to worry about our image because it is perfect. A great number of different grateful clients is the best prove of the previous statement.


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Our team of professionals will happily help you deal with any issues. Issues or needs. You, are our first priority, and we will provide solutions that meet your needs. 


Establish influence
Brand Expansion
Culture Nourishment

We start and nourish your tribe.  Extensive engagement, soft and hard lead capture.  Your tribe will feel heard, seen and valued through our culture...

A numbers Game that works

An entire team that can do far more than a full time employee.  We strive for YOUR SUCCESS.  Your success equals reaching & exceeding your goals.

Conversion strategies & Digital expertise

Not just fancy words and promises.  Proven conversion rates and digital strategies that perform.

Actively Responsive Website

Finally get a website that looks great AND performs!


What Our Customers Have to Say

Big Sprout Media has put millions in my pocket. Not sure how she does it but I know how it works. I hire her to get my name Mr. Townhouse and my companies Continental Properties known in the social medial/ internet world. I then just sit back and enjoy the calls, the clients, the deals, the MONEY. Thanks to Kelly and her team, I’m on my way to the bank again.

Myles Minns

Kelly Hanna has displayed unparalleled professionalism and dedication. Her focus on quality production values, coupled with her endless supply of energy make her business the go-to in both local and national video production. Kelly is also an invaluable resource of knowledge and information about the Palm Beach Gardens area, giving the insider’s edge to anyone doing business with her in the area.

Jennifer A.

Kelly takes an assertive role in helping people. She views her prospective clients & existing clientele as people she likes to help beyond the scope of the client/vendor relationship. She is very thorough & understanding. Her well-adjusted temperament & networking skills helps her connect others together to help them become more productive business people & community oriented.

Scott Kadet

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Our Business Company is a global business network of more than 21,000 companies that deliver innovative software solutions based on our software. Through access to our company’s premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support.

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