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Kelly Hanna brings over twenty-five years of critical path management and marketing to the table. She has been specializing in marketing, media marketing and has been doing workshops teaching social media strategies for over seven years. She runs a team with an easy- going temperament yet she never fails to keep the goal and big picture vision at hand and on task. Kelly has an extensive background in leadership, coaching, public speaking and NLP. Her hard work ethic pays off as she immerses herself into a project and does whatever it takes to get the job done with the highest of standards upheld. She is meticulous and has an enormous variety of talent and experience to bring to every project. She has traveled the globe producing numerous award-winning projects. The dynamic energy between her and her team is unsurpassed. Kelly earned the majority of her education at UWM and PBSC with a major in Marketing and minor in Business. She holds tremendous knowledge and passion for holistic nutrition and wellness. She is proficient in numerous graphics programs and videos, plus an entire team of videographers, photographers, graphic artists, editors and audio specialists.

Succeed with us!


We are on the forefront of understanding social media algorithms as they happen.  We study them every single day.  Our team has a proven track record with numerous clients.  Most of which have stayed with us for years because we get them the results they are looking for.  We customize every single package to be the best strategic decision for YOUR business or brand.

Our best propositions for you!

Forget about your problems!  Let Big Sprout Media handle all of it.  We have already done our homework and proven our results of organic growth for your brand and/or your business.  We take care of the entire spectrum needed to succeed with your online identity and presence.  Photography, website, creative, videography, animated custom meme’s, blogs, graphics, logo design, branding packages, animation videos, white board animations and explainer videos, reputation management, personal, attentive service and the ability to contact us outside normal business hours.



Creating a site for the company

Be successful, it’s easy!

Consumers go directly to the Internet for nearly 90% of their purchasing decisions. Social media marketing to network your business has become a mandatory item in the list «must have» for business representatives.  We are thrilled you are exploring Big Sprout Media.  We not only offer a three decades of marketing and PR, but have been involved in internet marketing since it’s inception which has given us an enormous leading edge over other social media companies.  And it’s the right decision as we also have a full on video production company that can film and/or create any type of video you are looking for including white board animation and explainer videos.  We have affordable packages for every budget.



Well being of our clients always comes first! 

During more than 9 years of our work in the market, more than 50 large and medium-sized companies, which operate in numerous areas of expertise – agriculture sector, civil and industrial construction, attorneys, media clinics, the introduction of information technology, business process reengineering, political and PR-companies, real estate companies, nutrition and wellness companies, pet companies, non-profits and so many more became our customers.  Kelly Hanna’s signature critical path management process applies to every industry.  It has never failed.  She has the ability to look at the process from an entirely different perspective and see trends and patterns that completely blow away the expectations of our clients.  Kelly is also a five time graduate of Tony Robbins Business Mastery as well as being a part of nearly twenty various events within the TR organization.  She has studied with dozens of world experts in various fields.   She is pretty unstoppable when she is on task for a client.